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Japanese Light Cruiser Mikuma 1:350

Part No: TAM78022
Price: 129.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

The Japanese Navy's Mogami-class light cruisers were planned under the London Naval Treaty limits with an 8,500 ton standard displacement with 5 triple 15.5cm gun turrets. There were four ships in the class with the Mikuma being the 2nd to be completed in August 1935. She received distinctive Mogami-class features such as the flared bow, compact superstructures, and uniquely shaped funnels, while having different details on the aft mast and crane from those of Mogami, the 1st ship of the class. With the withdrawal from the treaty, the Mikuma was refitted with 20.3cm twin gun turrets and was converted into a heavy cruiser in 1939, then the Mikuma, Suzuya, and Kumano joined the 2nd Fleet as part of Cruiser Division 7. At the start of the Pacific war, they were sent to escort the Malay invasion force, and in February 1942, the Mogami and Mikuma escorted transports for the invasion of Java at Bantam Bay. In June 1942 at the Battle of Midway, the Mogami rammed the left side of the Mikuma during their withdrawal from the bay to avoid attacks from the U.S. submarine. To make matters worse, a concentrated attack by 114 aircraft hit Mikuma 6 times which made her the first Japanese heavy cruiser to be sunk in WWII.

Model Scale 1:350
Length 573mm

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