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Hubsan Nano Q4

Part No: H111A

Price: 31.49
Euros: 34.95 / US Dollars: US$39.05

The HUBSAN Q4 NANO Quadcopter is the smallest Quadcopter in the Hubsan fleet, and possibly the world! Dispite its size the Q4 is a powerful machine and the micro sized 3.7v LiPo battery ensures the Q4 has the power to perform while the on board gyro's keep the Q4 stable.

• Ultra small design
• LED Lights for front and back flying guide
• 4-Channel 2.4ghz Radio with digital trim
• Integrated gyro for stable flying
• 100mAh 3.7v Lipo battery
• Spare blades included
• Weighs 11.5grams!
• USB Charge cord
• Coreless micro motors
• Full spares back up

• Size: 45 x 45mm
• Weight: 11.5 grams
• Requires: Two “AAA” batteries
• Charge Time: 10 minutes
• For ages 14+

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