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Honda RC166 GP Racer 1:12 Scale

Part No: TAM14113

Price: 56.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 62.12 / US Dollars: US$69.53

The Honda RC166 is known for its excellent top speeds and features a 6-cylinder engine with six exhaust pipes. The bike was made famous by motor sports legend Mike "The Bike" Hailwood, who raced the RC166 to 10 victories and a world championship title. His infamous bike is reproduced as a model and features red and silver FRP cowling, large diameter drum brakes and silver spoke wheels.

Specs & Features

•The famous features of the air-cooled 6-cylinder engine, including the crank case and cylinder fin have been accurately reproduced with new parts to create a lifelike model.
•Super thin metal plated 0.4mm ABS resin parts precisely represent the Honda?s wheel spokes. (Previous spokes? thickness: 0.7mm)
•The RC166?s famous long cowling has been produced using a slide molding process for a crisp finish. Can be assembled with 1.2mm screws.
•The solid rubber tires feature a triangular shaped tread pattern as seen during the 1960?s.
•For the ultimate finish, the following detail up sets can be used with this model:
Item 12632 1/12 Honda RC166 Front Fork Set
Item 12634 1/12 Honda RC166 Rivet Set
Item 12631 1/12 Honda RC166 Wheel Set
Item 12633 1/12 Honda RC166 Metal Chain Set

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