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Hitec Aurora 9 Channel 2.4Ghz AFHSS Combo w/7ch Receiver

Part No: P2210430

Price: 269.99
Euros: 299.69 / US Dollars: US$334.79

Aurora 9 - 9 Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio .inc 7 Ch RX
Easy to Read 5.1 Inch Wide Backlit Touch Screen
Fully Assignable Control Switch, Knob, Stick and Digital Trim Menus
Highly Sensitive 8 Ball-Bearing Gimbals with Adjustable Tension
Full-Sized Comfortable Hand Grips Featuring Top Quality Elastomer
Selectable Control Stick Mode / Change Mode without Opening Case
Including - Optima 7 - 7 Channel 2.4GHz Receiver (BODA) AFHSS

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