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Heller U-Boat 1:400 Scale

Part No: HE81002

Price: 39.98
Euros: 44.38 / US Dollars: US$49.58

Buy 2 or more selected plastic kits and get a 10% discount, buy 4 or more and get a 15% discount.

Type VIIC U-boats or Unterseeboote were the most common and most celebrated of the German submarines in WW II. Part of a large series (707 units in total launched from 1936 and including the VIIA to F), 663 of them were built between 1938 and the end of 1944). They underwent a number of changes during the conflict, the most notable being removal of the 8.8 cm forward gun and alterations of the shape of the conning tower to fit a more powerful anti-aircraft gun, various detection aerials or the Schnorchel (VIIC/41). Builts by Germania Werft in Kiel, Blohm & Voss in Hamburg and Kriegsmarinewerft in Wihelmshaven among others, the VIIC were relatively inexpensive as they were quite simple to produce.

Scale 1:400
Length 168mm
Width 44mm

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