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HMS Warspite 1:350 Scale

Part No: ACA14105

Price: 51.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 56.63 / US Dollars: US$63.38
Out of Stock

HMS Warspite
Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth class battleship in 1943 fit, veteran of both World Wars - she was the recipient of the most battle honors ever awarded to a single British warship. Kit features 2-piece full hull with internal reinforcing members, detailed decks with engraved plank texture, highly detailed superstructures, full weapons suite (including light AA mounts with separate gun shields), ship's boats and life rafts, filigree masts and yardarms, hangar interior detail, excellent rendition Walrus amphibious reconnaissance biplane, injection-molded anchor chains, display stand with nameplate and photo-etch crane booms. Completed model is approximately 22" long. Decals represent aircraft insignia
Scale 1:350

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