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H70H002XXT 700FL Rotor Head System

Part No: H70H002XXT

Price: 99.99
Euros: 110.99 / US Dollars: US$123.99
Out of Stock

The 700FL Flybarless Rotor Head System utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers, increased flight responsiveness and precision. In addition, the styling appearance harmony with red anodized and stainless color, bring out the high quality of helicopter.
Must with 700FL Main Shaft Set(H70H003XXW)or(H70035)?700 Newly Main Rotor Holder(HN7116)/Feathering Shaft(HN7025)
Suitable for T-REX 700E / 700N / 700F3C / 800E. 700FL Main Rotor Housing x 1
Feathering Shaft Sleeve x 2
DFC Head Damper x 2
700FL Main Blade Grip Arm x 2
700FL Linkage rod A x 2
FL Metal Control Arm x 2
700FL Radius Linkage rod x 2
Collar x 2
FMR52ZZ Bearings x 4(F2xF5x2.3mm)
683ZZ Bearings x 4(F3xF7x3mm)
CCPM Metal Swashplate x 1
Elevator ball link x 10
Linkage rod holder x 10
F5 Linkage ball B × 2(M3x4)
Linkage ball D × 2(M3x3.5)
700N Linkage ball B × 5(M3x4)
Long linkage ball × 1(M3x4)
Socket screw x 2(M4x8mm)
Socket screw x 4(M2x5mm)
Socket screw x 2(M3x16mm)
Socket button head collar screw x 1(M4x24mm)
Socket button head collar screw x 4(M3x6mm)
Washer x 2
M4 nut x 1

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