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H60G004XXT 600E PRO Performance Booster

Part No: H60G004XXT

Price: 54.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 59.94 / US Dollars: US$67.09

Use for T-REX 600
A power upgrade system designed specifically to bump up the power output of T-Rex 600E Pro by 30% by upgrading the motor from 600MX motor (3300w/5500w) to 750MX/530KV motor (4400w/7260w). The feel as if a turbo charger was added to the helicopter, with dramatic increase of motor torque output, and near bulletproof governing speed of the rotor, while maintaining power consistency throughout the entire flight duration. In addition, the brand new spindle shaft design features enlarged diameter from 6mm to 8mm, with oversized M5x10mm spindle screws to increase the rigidity of the overall rotor head. This IS the ultimate power upgrade for your T-Rex 600E Pro. 600E PRO Feathering shaft x 1
Washer x 2(F5xF12x1mm)
Socket Screw x 2(M5x10mm)
F8-14M Thrust Bearing x 2(F8xF14x4.5mm)
Spindle Bearing Spacer x 2(F10xF13.8x0.4mm)
CNC Slant Thread Main Drive Gear M1/118T x 1
600E PRO Motor Mount x 1
600E PRO Motor Pinion Gear Mount x 1
Bearing MR126ZZ x 1(F6xF12x4mm)
Motor Pinion Helical Gear 14T x 1
Washer x 1(F6xF9x1mm)
M4 Set Screw x 2(M4x4mm)
Socket Screw x 4(M4x10mm)
M4 Washer x 4(F4xF8x1mm)
600E PRO Shapely Reinforcement Brace(left) x 1
600E PRO Shapely Reinforcement Brace(right) x 1
Socket Collar Screw x 8(M3x8mm)

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