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H50H002XXT 500 CCPM Metal Swashplate

Part No: H50H002XXT

Price: 27.99
Euros: 31.07 / US Dollars: US$34.71

Suitable for T-REX 500L / 500 PRO DFC.
Specially designed for both DFC and FL flybarless rotor head system, improving linkage rod connection strength and minimizing detachment during extreme flight maneuvers.
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
CCPM metal swashplate set × 1
F4.7 Long Linkage ball (M2.5x3) × 1(4.75x25.25mm)
Long Linkage ball (M2.5x3) × 1(4.75x24.59mm)
Linkage ball B (M2.5x3) × 2(F4.75x9.77mm)
Linkage ball A (M2.5x3.5) × 2(F4.75x8.18mm)
F4.7 Linkage ball E (M2

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