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H45T005XXT 450L Torque Tube Set

Part No: H45T005XXT

Price: 8.99
Euros: 9.98 / US Dollars: US$11.15

Align 450L Torque Tube Set
Use for T-REX 450L / other 450 series.
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material.
The high torque power torque tube has the extreme strenth, anti-torque and difficult to break properties.
Suitable for normal and 3D flying.
Must with:450L Tail Linkage Rod(H45T004XXW).
Torque tube x 1
Torque tube end x 2
Torque tube bearing holder × 1
Bearing MR84ZZ x 1(F4xF8x3mm)
450L Tai boom x 1(F11xF12x387mm)
Max. impact torque:12~14kg.cm
Max. impact torque:166.68~194.46oz-in

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