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H45H007XNT 450DFC Metal Swashplate BLUE

Part No: H45H007XNT

Price: 19.79
Euros: 21.97 / US Dollars: US$24.54
Out of Stock

Align 450DFC Metal Swashplate BLUE
Designed specifically for DFC rotorhead system, improving DFC connecting rod's strength and minimizing linkage detachment during extreme flight maneuvers.
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed
Suitable for 450DFC Main Rotor Head (H45162).
CCPM metal swashplate set × 1
Linkage ball A(M2x2.5) × 4(F4.75x7.18mm)
Long linkage ball(M2x2.5) × 1(F4.75×19.68mm)
Linkage ball G(M2x2.5) x 2(F4.75x11.18mm)
Long linkage ball A(M2x2.5) x 1(F4.75x23.68mm)

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