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Graupner DS8311 Hi Performance BB MG Servo

Part No: G5164

Price: 80.00
Euros: 87.20 / US Dollars: US$97.60

Double ballbearing supported hi-performance proportional servo with 5.5 mm wide drive gearwheels and featuring a powerful cobalt-samarium electric motor.
Though of diminutive size the servo comes up to the highest requirements as regards torque, power, resolution and operational reliability. Designed mainly for large models and other applications requiring maximum operating power. A long-life special potentiometer with sextuple wiper guarantees optimum resolution.

Torque at 4.8 V approx. 9.8 kg/cm
Torque at 6.0 V approx. 11.2 kg/cm
Holding moment at 4.8 V (Ncm) approx. 180
Holding moment at 6.0 V (Ncm) approx. 212
Transit speed at 4.8 V (sec. / 40°) approx. 0.15
Transit speed at 6.0 V (sec. / 40°) approx. 0.12
Weight g approx. 59
Gearbox PG MG
Bearings 2 x BB
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 39 x 19 x 39,5 mm

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