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Graupner DES281BB Micro Servo

Part No: G7905

Price: 22.99
Euros: 25.06 / US Dollars: US$28.05

Especially well suited for indoor model aircraft and park fliers.
Dimensions of the mounts in relation to drive mechanism are the same as for Servo C261
Smallest dimensions
Absolutely low weight
Parameters can be set using PC software
Ball bearings
Carbonite drive mechanism

Dimensions (LxWxH) 21,5 x 11 x 21 mm
Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6,0 V
Angular travel incl. trim, approx. 2 x 45 °
Gear unit Getriebe mg
All-up weight, approx. 8,5 g
Holding torque 4.8V, approx. 34 N/cm
Holding torque 6.0V, approx. 40 N/cm
Bearings Lager bb
No-load current drain, approx. 5 mA
Torque at 4.8V, approx. 17 N/cm
Torque at 6.0V, approx. 20 N/cm
Transit speed at 4.8V, approx. 0,125 Sek/40°
Transit speed at 6.0 V, approx. 0,1 Sek/40°
Charging rate at 4.8V approx. 360 mA
Charging rate at 6.0V approx. 450 mA

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