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Graupner Brushless Control 35 BEC (5.5-15V)

Part No: G7233

Price: 53.34 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 58.14 / US Dollars: US$65.07

Highly efficient, high-power switching BEC system
SET button for simple programming of transmitter travels
Programming unit for simple speed controller programming
Important functions can also be programmed using the SET button

Programming facilities:
Battery type NiCd / NiMH / LiIo / LiPo / LiFe
Throttle-back voltage
Throttle-back, soft / hard
Direction of rotation
Motor timing
Ramp time
Start torque
Brake: on / off
Reverse mode for boat / car: on / off
Speed governor mode for helicopter: on / off
Speed adjust rate in governor mode
Motor pole count
Gearbox reduction ratio

Operating voltage range: 5.5 ... 15 V
Cell count, NiCd, NiMH: 6 ... 12
Cell count, LiPo, LiIo: 2 ... 4
Cont. current (brushless motors): 35 A
Max. motor current (10 s): 40 A
Temperature cut-off: 120°C / 125°
CEMF brake: programmable
Reverse mode: programmable
Soft-start: programmable
Low-voltage throttle back: programmable
Power-on signal suppression: yes
Pulse frequency: 32 kHz
BEC receiver power supply approx. 5.5 V / 2 A
Max. BEC current, peak: 3 A
Dimensions incl. capacitors approx. 49 x 22.5 x 8 mm
Weight incl. leads approx. 41 g
Connector type: BEC

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