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GM Genius 90 Brushless Speed Controller

Part No: G97164

Price: 135.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 148.23 / US Dollars: US$165.91

Cooler operating temperature due to complete, light aluminium housing and special PCB design with extra-thick copper wires and optimized switching flanks. The flat design provides an extremely low centre of gravity.
Top efficiency thanks to the new, even faster 16-bit processor and optimized software with newer, simpler operating software; providing longer operating time and greater performance
For brushless motors (see operating voltage) and brushed motors (up to 7.4V)

Operating voltage : 4,8 ... 12V
Max. continuous current : 90 A
Dimensions approx. 44 x 31 x 27 mm
Weight approx. 95 g

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