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Ford Fiesta WRC 1:32

Part No: AX03413

Price: 14.99
Euros: 16.64 / US Dollars: US$18.59

Developed from the standard Fiesta road car, the Ford Fiesta RS WRC is a bespoke rally car built by M-Sport for the works Ford Rally Team for use in the World Rally Championship. The new WRC regulations for 2011 required a turbocharged 1600cc - this engine is both reliable and powerful, keeping the flame-spitting character of the WRC cars intact.
A number of teams now drive the Fiesta WRC in the World Rally Championship and it has scored a number of victories and has been competitive with both the works rally team and a number of privateer teams.

Model Scale 1:32
Number of Parts 79
Dimensions (mm) L125 x W60 x H55
Skill Level 2
Flying Hours 1
Requires Painting Yes

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