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Folland Gnat T1 1:72

Part No: AX01006

Price: 6.60
Euros: 7.33 / US Dollars: US$8.18
Out of Stock

Developed as a very small, lightweight, manoeuvrable fighter, in an era where fighter designs seemed to be on an inexorable rise in size, the Folland Gnat found fame and service with the RAF as a jet trainer. A tiny aircraft in comparison to its contemporaries, the Gnat was used as the mount for a number of aerobatic teams, from the Yellow Jacks to the Red Arrows. Serving until 1979, the Gnat proved to be a capable and much loved trainer.

Model Scale 1:72
Number of Parts 49
Dimensions (mm) L155 x W102
Flying Hours 1
Requires Painting Yes

Colours Required: 22, 30, 56, 61, 64, 80, 85, 126

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