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Ferrari Enzo 1:12 Scale

Part No: TAM12047

Price: 365.01 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 397.86 / US Dollars: US$445.31
Out of Stock

This is a 1/12 scale premium assembly kit model of the Enzo Ferrari. In order to obtain an intricate level of detail, this kit is constructed from high quality materials including PS resin cowling, die-cast suspension arms and other metal parts, photo-etched meshes, and synthetic rubber tires. This model also features a one-piece monocoque frame, as well as a highly-detailed V12 engine and drivetrain. Suspension arms combine with dampers and stabilizers for an actual working suspension. Metal hinged gull-wing doors open smoothly thanks to built-in springs and dampers. Front and rear cowling can be opened allowing display of the model's internal features. This is the ultimate Ferrari aficionado car model kit.

•Scale : 1/12
•Construction type : Assembly kit
•Photo-etch parts : Included
•Decals : Included
•Special feature 1 : Newly-designed engine parts and chassis under panel.
•Special feature 2 : Vinyl tubing depicts ignition cords, brake cables, etc.
•Special feature 3 : Mesh grilles, seatbelt buckles, etc.
•Special feature 4 : Decals, metal transfers, side emblem stickers, masking stickers, and seatbelt stickers.
•Special feature 5 : 2 types of screwdrivers.

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