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Coche Costa M.Z.A. (BCWFFV24) 1:32

Part No: OC56000

Price: 115.95
Euros: 126.39 / US Dollars: US$141.46
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Occre Costa Coach
Originally these coaches were designed for the local commuter trains that covered the Catalonian coastal routes, originally known as “Coches de la Costa” (Coastal Coaches), which was later changed to the definitive “Costa” Their predecessors were the Harland and St. Denis coaches, with the former, produced by VVB (Valls-Vilanova-Barcelona), being the fist coaches in Europe to be fitted with bogies. These types of coaches remained in service up until 1971, when the Spanish railway company finally decided to get rid of the last of their wooden coaches.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 555mm
Height: 158mm
Width: 102mm

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