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Classic Conflict Gift Set - King Tiger v Cromwell MkIV 1:76

Part No: AX50142

Price: 18.99
Euros: 21.08 / US Dollars: US$23.55

Both the Cromwell and Tiger II tanks made their combat debuts in the Normandy campaign, however both were very different types of tank, the Cromwell being a manoeuvrable and fast medium cruiser tank, the Tiger II being a hugely complex heavy tank, weighing in at 68 tonnes.

On the battlefield, while the Tiger II was a hugely capable machine, its complexity and sheer size often weighed against it and the Allies, using weight of numbers, air power and the fact that German tanks often broke down, were able to overcome the German armoured divisions and push them back, eventually liberating France

Model Scale 1:76
Number of Parts Tiger II 89, Cromwell 91
Dimensions (mm) Tiger II L135 x W49, Cromwell L88 x W39
Skill Level 2
Flying Hours 1

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