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British Forces - Land Rover Twin Set 1:48

Price: 17.09
Euros: 18.97 / US Dollars: US$21.19

Snatch Land Rovers are used as protected transport vehicles by the British Army. Being light and manoeuvrable they make for ideal utility vehicles. The Land Rover WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) is the British Army’s light armoured and patrol combat vehicle.

Both adaptation of civilian Land Rover Defenders, the Snatch and WMIK are as far removed from everyday Land Rovers as you could get. The Snatch is an up-armoured version of the Land Rover 110, suitable for armoured patrols in potentially hostile environments. Able to offer some protection against small arms fire and limited protection against explosives, the Snatch is being phased out of service in favour of more modern replacements. The heavily armed WMIK continues to serve in its most recent incarnation, the R+, as an effective Special Forces and reconnaissance vehicle.

Model Scale 1:48 Number of Parts WMIK - 89; Snatch 101 Dimensions (mm) WMIK - L98 x W47; Snatch - L100 x W44 Skill Level 3 Flying Hours 3

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