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British Forces - Helicopter Support 1:48

Part No: AX50122

Price: 35.99
Euros: 39.95 / US Dollars: US$44.63

British land forces use helicopters a great deal for moving over hostile territory not suited for ground based vehicles. The Lynx enables fast access to areas not easily reached by other means, giving the troops maximum protection and support. This set contains both a Lynx and troops to put together and build a typical scenario.

8 x Figures
Army Westland Lynx AH-7
12 Acrylic Paints
Poly Cement
2 Brushes

Model Scale 1:48 Number of Parts 8 Figures (61 parts); Lynx 233 Dimensions (mm) Lynx L316 x W265 Skill Level 4 Flying Hours 4

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