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British Battleship King George V 1:350

Part No: TAM78010

Price: 59.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 65.39 / US Dollars: US$73.19
Out of Stock

This kit depicts the HMS King George V, the lead ship of her namesake class of battleships which served the Royal Navy during WWII. Her flat-sided bridge area and distinctive stern shape have been accurately reproduced. Modellers can also enjoy exploring the layout of various superstructure areas such as the navigation and compass decks. Her formidable appearance is completed by her armament of ten 14-inch guns, sixteen 5.25-inch guns, and over 100 anti-aircraft guns. Model comes with a stand with nameplate for a gorgeous display.

Model Scale 1:350
Length 649mm
Beam 90mm

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