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Bomber Re-supply Set 1:72

Part No: AX05330

Price: 20.99
Euros: 23.30 / US Dollars: US$26.03

As the air war over occupied Europe progressively developed, so did the equipment used by the RAF and its Bomber Command. Specialist vehicles were introduced to supply arms and equipment to waiting machines and maintenance tasks were made easier through the introduction of specialised equipment.

The mechanization of these tasks and duties is well represented in this set. While not as glamorous as their flying counterparts, the contribution played by trucks, tractors, and vans, as well as the men that crewed them, cannot be forgotten, or underestimated.

Standard Light Utility Vehicle - Standard 12hp 4x2 'Tilly'
Bedford Truck build as either MWC or MWD
David Brown VIG1 Tractor/Tug
Motorcycle - 500CC
Maintenance Tower
Bowser - 450 Gallon
Bomb Trolley - Type C
Bomb Trolley - Type F
Small Bomb Container (SBC) - with 4lb incendiaries
MC Bomb - 1000lb
Bomb - 8000lb
Fuel Cans

Scale: 1:72
Flying Hours: 2
Skill: 2
Scale: 1:72
Number of Parts: 197

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