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Boeing 737-800 "easykit"

Part No: RV06647

Price: 9.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 10.89 / US Dollars: US$12.19

The Boeing 737 is the safest and most successful aeroplane in the world. With accommodation for 184 people the B737-800 has17 seats more than the previous -400 model. It has a ten percent greater range, can fly ten percent faster and uses ten percent less kerosene. Recent modifications to the new Boeing 737s are larger winglets (angled wing tips) which give a higher rate of climb and increase fuel economy. The 737-800 belongs to the standard inventory of almost every airline.

Scale 1:288
No. of parts 25
Length 137 mm
Wingspan 127 mm
Height 43 mm
Skill Level 2

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