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Blade 180 QX HD BnF

Part No: BLH7480A

Price: 115.00
Euros: 127.65 / US Dollars: US$142.60

The Blade® 180 QX combines the latest in quadcopter innovations with HD video and image capture capabilities. Utilizing SAFE technology, the 180 QX HD maintains superior stability in three flight modes. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flight, the 180 QX is a personal eye in the sky from the experts in Heli excitement.

The 180 QX HD comes equipped with three SAFE enhanced flight modes. High and low angle flight modes were specifically designed to deliver stable video and image capture while the agility mode setting allows pilots to experience aerobatic flight with the assistance of the AS3X stability system.

At any time during flight, with the press of a button, a pilot can trigger the still photo or video function on the camera with the included DSMX® 5-channel transmitter on the Ready-to-Fly model. This functionality can also be programmed into a compatible DSMX transmitter for the Bind-N-Fly® model.

Cell Types:3.7V 1S 500mAH LiPo included
Electric Motor Size:8.5mm brushed motors installed
Frequency / Modulation Type:2.4GHz DSMX with exclusive SAFE™ technology (Requires compatible Spektrum Tx)
Indoor / Outdoor:Indoor or Outdoor
Kit / Ready-Built:RTF
Main Rotor Diameter:355mm
Number of Channels:6 Channel
Recommended Battery:EFLB5001S25 or DYN9103 recommended
Weight:95g inc battery

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