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BAe Harrier GR9 Large Starter Set 1:72

Price: 18.99
Euros: 21.08 / US Dollars: US$23.55

The GR9A entered service in October 2006 as an updated and improved version of the already very successful Harrier GR7. Boasting an improved avionic suite, as well as a much improved weapons capability, the GR9A represents a substantial leap forward in capability over the older GR7 Harriers.
Flown by the Joint Force Harrier Squadrons crewed by both Royal Navy and RAF crews, this ultimate Harrier carries a vast array of weapons, communications and systems to carry offensive operations to the enemy both from land and sea.

Model Scale 1:72
Number of Parts 126
Dimensions (mm) L198 x W130
Skill Level 2
Flying Hours 1
Requires Painting Yes

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