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1SQ Electric Quadcopter

Part No: HMXE0834

Price: 67.99
Euros: 74.11 / US Dollars: US$82.95

The 1SQ is unlike any other quadcopter — and not just because of its compact size. A 3-axis gyro system, combined with 4 independently controlled rotor blades, makes this machine so stable anyone can fly it. It's very durable, capable of outdoor flight in light winds, and is available Ready-To-Fly and Transmitter-Ready.

The TAGS gyro system stabilizes all three axes (yaw, roll and pitch), so external forces will not adversely affect performance. When combined with the 1SQ's four independently controlled rotor blades you have a model that hovers and maneuvers as smooth as glass!

The radio included with the RTF is hobby-quality!

The included 2.4GHz radio features selectable beginner and export modes that let you start flying the 1SQ at the level you're most comfortable with. The 3-axis gyro systems builds pilot confidence by keeping the quadcopter rock-solid stable during flight.

Other RTF features include:
•Factory-installed motors, controller and servos
•Factory-installed SLT receiver compatible with all SLT transmitters and the AnyLink2 2.4GHz SLT Radio Adapter
•3.7V 250mAh LiPo flight battery
•USB-compatible LiPo charger
•Extra set of blades
•(4) "AA" batteries

HMXE0834 – RTF
Rotor Diameter: 2.2" (56 mm)
Diagonal Dimension: 4.8" (123 mm)
Weight: 1.1 oz (31.2 g)
Requires: Nothing!

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