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Align T-Rex 250 PRO DFC Super Combo

Part No: KX019011T

Price: 278.99
Euros: 309.68 / US Dollars: US$345.95

For the first time the T-REX 250 is now available in flybarless form. Any number of modifications have been made to the model to ensure that the newly developed mini-3D helicopter represents a genuine technical breakthrough. The following improvements have catapulted the T-REX 250 PRO DFC Super Combo to the very peak of this class of helicopter. Align has equipped the tiny model with the new DS415M (swashplate) and DS425M (tail rotor) digital servos, as well as a DFC flybarless rotor head, which in this version is combined with the renowned Align 3GX flybarless system. The RCE-BL15P 15 A brushless speed controller already familiar from the preceding version ensures that the new 250MX brushless motor is able to carry out its duties reliably. In mechanical terms a number of changes have been made - and not only to the rotor head. For the first time this model is fitted with a new tail rotor with double linkage and a rigid drive shaft.

Specifications Main rotor diameter approx.: 460 mm
Tail rotor diameter approx.: 100 mm
Weight approx.: 140 g
Length approx.: 431 mm
Height approx.: 150 mm
RC functions
•Tail rotor
•Collective pitch
•Motor control

Kit Includes:
•1 x T-REX 250 PRO DFC
•1 set CFRP main rotor blades
•1 set plastic main rotor blades
•1 set plastic tail rotor blades
•1 x 250MX brushless motor
•1 x 3GX flybarless system
•3 x DS415M digital swashplate servos
•1 x DS425M digital tail rotor servo
•1 x RCE-BL15P 15A speed controller
•1 x Pair of tweezers
•1 x Cross-point screwdriver
•1 x Allen key, 0.9 mm
•1 x Allen-head screwdriver, 1.3 mm
•1 x blade pitch gauge

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