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ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 PatSi

Part No: RV03233
Price: 19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

After the introduction of the PzKpfw (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) V "Panther" it was quickly realized that previous recovery vehicles did not have sufficient power to recover heavy battle tanks from the battlefield. As a short-term emergency measure, a dozen model D "Panthers" from the current production line were converted to function as recovery vehicles. To this end the turret bearing ring was covered with wood and a strengthened towing assembly and an auxiliary crane were mounted on the rear end. This combination proved to be so successful that by 1945 a total of 339 "Bergepanther" been built.

- Early version of the Bergepanther
- Finely detailed and engraved surfaces
- Tracks consisting of single links
- Authentic Interleaved Track Suspension
- Auxiliary Crane
- Towing Mechanism
- Finely Detailed Tool Kit
- Machine Gun

- Authentic Decal Set for two Germany "Wehrmacht" Versions:
- Bergepanther der s.PzAbt 505, Russland 1944
- Bergepanther der s.Pz. Jäg. Abt 654, Ruhr Kessel 1945

Model details
Scale 1:35
Release date 10/2013
No. of parts 419
Length 198 mm

Since it was introduced in 2000 the Allschutz-Transportfahrzeug (ATF = all-protected transport vehicle) Dingo has developed into a real all-rounder in the German army. Both the Dingo 1 and Dingo 2 combine ideal protection, off-road mobility and speed. The variant "ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 PatSi" has been in service in Afghanistan as a patrol and security vehicle since 2006. Thanks to outstanding anti-mine protection provided by the V-shaped deflector under the safety cell, the 6 occupants have the best possible protection. By way of self-protection, as a rule, it is equipped with a type 1530 mechanical overhead weapons station with a 7.62 mm MG3A1. With sales figures of 149 the "ATF Dingo 2 GE A2 PatSi" is the vehicle in greatest demand. In total, over 1,000 vehicles in different variants have already been supplied. In addition to the German army the Dingo 2 is used by the Czech army.

- New tool
- Finely engraved surface details
- Anti-slip coating
- Doors optionally open or closed
- Detailed interior
- Rear hatch optionally open or closed
- Weapons station with 7.62 mm MG3A1
- Detailed chassis
- Rubber tyres

- Authentic decals for 4 vehicles:
- Bundeswehr, Mission Training, 2011
- Bundeswehr, ISAF, Afghanistan, 2010
- Bundeswehr, ISAF, Afghanistan, 2012
- Czech Army, 2010

Colors: 2 5 6 9 15 16 17 36 42 45 54 65 76 79 83 84 90 90 314 371 730 731

Scale 1:35
Release date 10/2013
No. of parts 224
Length 175 mm

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