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AH-1F Cobra "Flying Bulls" Gift Set 1:48 Scale

Part No: RV05723

Price: 16.99
Euros: 18.86 / US Dollars: US$21.07

The Bell AH-1 Cobra is America's legendary Attack Helicopter and the first pure attack helicopter ever. Its missions for the "Flying Bulls" are now naturally only at air-shows. This Cobra, an AH-1F version built in the eighties was completely "demilitarised" and scrapped after its military service ended. After rediscovery in 2002 it was completely rebuilt and consists mainly of new components straight from the factory. The F version was the last Cobra to be fitted with the 1700 Shp turbine and this particular one is also the last airworthy F version and indeed the only one in Europe.

Scale 1:48
No. of parts 79
Length 287 mm
Wingspan 278 mm
Skill Level 3

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