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ACE RC DS1015 High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo

Part No: TT8127

Price: 80.98 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 88.27 / US Dollars: US$98.80

Ace R/C is proud to present their new line of Digital Servos. Each of these servos exhibits high speed and torque. So whatever your application; 1:8 scale racing, a 40% Extra or a 90 sized helicopter, or even a large racing yacht, these servos have the power and performance to exceed your expectations.

All super precise metal gear equipped
Newly develop microprocessor processes the signal pulse more precisely and quickly
Extraordinary aluminium heat sink middle case with cooling fins to cool the coreless motor
8 screws to enhance the structure more solid to deliver the power
Supplies superior torque output with low current compensation

Torque (Kg-cm) (4.8/6v) : 11.6/14.5
Speed (sec / 60°)(4.8/6v) : 0.138/0.108
Gear Type: 1 Plastic / 3 Metal
Bearing: Coreless
Dimensions (mm): 41.8 x 20.6 x 39.6
Weight : 66g

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