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TT8041H 40 AMP Brushless Motor ESC

Part No: TT8041H

Price: 52.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 57.76 / US Dollars: US$64.65

Thunder Tiger introduces their speed controls for brushless motors. Capable of supplying up to 40 Amps of continuous motor current. Small and lightweight, with a large heat sink surface area. Perfect for the Thunder Tiger OBL series brushless motors. And for safety consideration. There are built-in safety features to prevent accidental motor start-up when powering on.

Key Features:
•Battery protection
•Motor timing adjustment
•Brake control
•Throttle response adjustment
•Plane and helicopter mode
•Governor mode for helicopter
•Soft start

•Voltage range 7.4 ~ 14.8v
•Continuous load (5 mins) 40A
•BEC Voltage 5V
•BEC Current 2A
•Reverse N0
•Brake YES
•Governor mode YES
•Protection TEMP
•Weight 27g
•Size 52x24x7.9

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