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E-Flite Blade Helicopters

Blade 600X Pro Series Kit

Blade 600X Pro Series Kit

The Blade 600X is the newest addition to Blade’s Professional series of helicopters, designed for the discerning expert heli pilots.

The 600X makes the leap up from the 550X before it and into the highly competitive world of 600-size helicopters and the exacting world of advanced powerful 3-dimensional aerobatics. Utilising the high performance Twin Vertical Plate design chassis of it’s smaller sibling, the 600X is immediately endowed with a proven rigid, lightweight core structure that provides the strength to deliver the responsive performance from a 12S Lithium battery powered transmission that today’s extreme 600-size heli 3D pilots demand. Designed to accommodate two 6S LiPos to provide the 12S input voltage that the motor craves, the 600X chassis retains optimal lateral balance whilst providing the convenience and ease-of-charging for the pilot that 6S batteries enable. An E-Flite 700-class 500Kv brushless motor is included to help guarantee exhilarating results in this 600-size heli and to provide the motive force to turn the 600mm Revolution cross-woven carbon-fibre main blades no matter how loaded they become during flight.

Direct-to-swash servo control further enhances the responsive nature of the 600X chassis whilst the triple bearing supported 10mm diameter main shaft transmits all the power to the main blades with minimal inertial lag thanks to its hollowed construction. Drive is also transmitted efficiently to the tail via the torque tube – again, designed to minimize lag and optimize power delivery so that the 600X can pull through the most demanding of manoeuvres and routines with ease, allowing the pilot to fully concentrate without the unnecessary worry of whether their equipment is being pushed beyond its limits.

Lightweight materials, Low Part count and zero-flex design technologies are only a part of the story though. No matter how light a component is, its placement in the airframe can seriously affect the performance of the whole machine. That’s why the Blade Professional Series engineers have worked incessantly to maintain both static and rotating mass as close to the centre of rotation as possible – thus reducing the 600X’s polar moment of inertia to an absolute minimum. To the pilot and when in use, all this attention to detail translates into creating a machine that flies and reacts almost as fast as you can think. It might not be for the feint hearted but the 600X provides a near neural-like reflex reaction to any input it receives from the pilot.

The pre-painted fibreglass canopy provides aggressive styling cues to give the 600X that unmistakable ‘Blade’ family look and help produce a smart, sharp looking machine both on the ground or in the air.

Produced as a kit only and requiring assembly, the Blade 600X comes complete with the powerful E-Flite motor and BEC unit but leaves the choice of further electronics and radio equipment down to the individual pilot so that you can made tailored choices to suit your flying style and preferences.

Cell Types:2x 6S 22.2V 3300mAh LiPos required (Not Included)
Electric Motor Size:700 size E-Flite Heli Motor EFLM60700A included
Height:275mm (10.8inch)
Kit / Ready-Built:Kit
Length:1170mm (46inch)
Main Rotor Diameter:1345mm (52.95inch) / 255mm (10inch) Tail Rotor Diameter
Mixing CCPM Type:120 degree CCPM Flybarless head
Motor Type:500Kv Brushless Outrunner motor included
Receiver Included:None - SPMAR7200BX integrated 2.4GHz DSMX Rx / BeastX 3-axis stabilisation module recommended
Recommended Battery:2x EFLB29006S30 or EFLB32006S30 or equivalent required (not included)
Recommended ESC:>100A HV compatible ESC recommended - not included
Servo(s) included:None - 3 x SPMSH6040 cyclic servos required + 1 x SPMSH6080G Tail servo required
Tail Drive:Torque Tube
Weight:3800-4000g (inc battery
Part No: BLH5625

Price: 574.99
Euros: 638.24 / US Dollars: US$712.99


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